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Sarge’s Deli is the destination for old world food like pastrami, corned beef and matzo ball soup.

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“Sarge’s is the destination for the real-deal New York meal.”

About Sarge’s Deli

Sarge’s Deli is the one and only Jewish delicatessen open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and never, ever closes. Sarge’s Deli has been New York’s promised land of delicatessen treats since Abe “Sarge” Katz opened its doors in 1964. It’s the true New York deli experience, the number one place for old world specialties like pastrami and matzoh ball soup.

Serving every kind of customer, from business people in the morning to hip club goers late night, Sarge’s always hits the spot. With a rich history preserved in its old world decor- classic diner booths, real Tiffany’s stained glass lamps, and of course the iconic wall of celebrity photos, Sarge’s is the destination for the real-deal New York meal.

  • “If God makes a mistake and sends me to Heaven, I’d say, ‘Thanks, but send me to Sarge’s instead.’”

    –Parbiz M., Sarge’s Regular
  • “I live in Arizona, but eat at Sarge’s EVERY time I go to NYC. I love the food and the atmosphere of the restaurant.”

    –Nick M., Sarge’s Enthusiast
  • “Sarge’s is old fashioned but not in a bad way; it’s the way a Jewish deli should be. We come for the food but also love the way it feels.”

    –Matt C., Just a big fan of meat
  • “Sarge’s is classic in the old school way a deli should be. Real delis are a rare breed these days.”

    –Gary E., Sarge’s Regular
  • Sarges Deli

    548 Third Avenue, New York NY 10016

    Between 36th & 37th | Directions

    Tel (212) 679-0442 or 877-SARGES1

    We Never Close!

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